We have a wide variety of patterns to chose from, We also have our own Vinyl Cutter to create custom patterns masks. If you're looking for something unique get in touch with us.

Cerakote offers a wide variety of Colors for you to choose from. Our Refinishing page offers more information about coatings, our process, available styles, and different patterns available. To see examples of our work please check out the slideshow above or you can visit the Gun Gallery.

-We Refinish-

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • AR's & AK's
  • Shotguns
  • Individual Gun Parts
  • Accessories
  • Barrels
  • Rifle Scopes

We do business from coast to coast, with our average baked on Cerakote Finish turnaround times being between 7-14 days from the time we receive the firearm. Our turn around time from when we receive a firearm does vary by the complexity of the job and the type of coating used. For example a three color camouflage could extend out to 21+ days because of the multiple layers and applying the patterns. Lately our workload has been increasing, for a more accurate timeframe please ask when placing your order.

About Us

Easton Firearms Refinishing uses Cerakote & Duracoat to refinish your firearm.

Easton Firearms Refinishing was opened in 2011, We took our experience in Automotive Painting and Combined it with our love of firearms.

Our specialty is firearm refinishing using a variety of ceramic coatings, We work on everything from NiB Pistols to Rusty Double Barrel Shotguns. For more about our process, visit our Process page.


We always have a few custom refinished firearms in stock as samples / display models. We can also order firearms and we do Transfers for online and person to person transactions at $25 each (tax included).


We have experience in many types of firearms, every single refinished firearm in the gallery has been completely disassembled and reassembled by us for coating. EFR also has over twenty years of combined firearm experience, in both Usage & Armouring, and thirty years experience in Automotive Painting.

If you're interested in doing some upgrades but aren't sure what to do or where to start take a look at our Gun Gallery or our Gun Blog. We've got many custom firearms there with plenty of upgraded parts, custom finishes, optics, stocks, and grips to check out.

Pistol Sights

EFR has Precision MGW Pushers for Sigs, Glocks, H&Ks, S&Ws, and 1911s, As well as a workbench mounted Meprolight USIT which supports over 40 pistols including Kimbers with it's various attachments.

We can install aftermarket Tritium, Night, Fiber Optic, and Other types of Front and Rear Sights on Pistols. Custom Fitted Sights and Sight Milling are also available.